Weekly Racing Will Consist of:

IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Stock Cars, IMCA SportMods, IMCA Hobby Stocks and Mod Lites

For complete rules please refer to IMCA Racing or contact them directly at 319-472-2201


I have had numerous questions asking me about the admissions of children 14 – 17 years of age in the it area. I am mandated by our insurance company to comply with the rules and regulations set forth in our policy.

See the link below for a MINOR RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT that must be filled out when you enter your youngster at the pit shack. You can print this off and have it notarized so that you will not have to fill out a minor release form every night.

Everything should be explained on the procedures that must be followed in order to sign your youngster into the pits.



Minor Release Form


2015 Track Procedures


First of all, on behalf of the entire staff of the Marshalltown Speedway we would like to Thank You for choosing to race with us.  We will do our part to be fair and consistent in our calls and your respect of these is greatly appreciated.  Please take time to read these procedures as it is your responsibility to know these as we will cover only the key parts each night in the drivers meeting.

Staging Area:  The lineups will all be posted well in advance of your race and you need to be lined up two races in advance.  If you are unable to leave the staging area under your own power you will go to the tail of the race.

Work Area:  This area is located off turn four behind the line up board.  If you go to your trailer you will not be allowed to re-enter the track.  Please have your equipment in the work area if you plan on doing the necessary repairs to your car.  You will be allowed back onto the track only under yellow flag conditions or if the field is entering turn 1 after receiving the green flag.  You will be allowed two laps once you enter the work area and after that the race will resume if the lineups are complete.

Tech/Claim Area:  You must report directly to this area after the completion of your race as you are instructed to do so.  The scales will be located in the infield.  Failure to report to the tech/claim area as instructed will result in disqualification for that event.

Raceceivers:  Mandatory in all classes.

Green Flag:  The flag and light will come out simultaneously and this will start the event.  If you are passing before this point you will be considered jumping and will be docked two positions for each car passed.  This penalty will be assessed during the next yellow or at the completion of the event if another yellow does not occur.  The front row starts the race together.

White Flag:  One lap to go.

Checkered Flag:  Race is completed when at least one car takes the checkered flag.  The feature race will finish green, white, checkered.  No yellow/checkered finishes.

Yellow Flag:  Caution for a spin or debris on the track.  If you are involved in a yellow in the heat or “B” feature you are done for the event if you are the only car stopped.  If there are multiple cars stopped during the heat race or “B”, they will fall to the tail of the field.  For the feature events, any car involved in a yellow will fall to the tail the first time and the second yellow they will be sent to the pits.  Key word is involved, if you are stopped when the yellow comes out for whatever reason you are considered involved.

Red: Stop in a safe manner for a roll over, fire, or blocked track.  Any car involved in this will get credit as one yellow.  If you are not involved and have to get push started to resume the race you will be put back in your previous running position.

Layover: Slower cars will receive this when the leaders are coming up on them.  Hold your line and let the lead pack pass.  Do not race the other lapped cars or lead cars at this time.

Black: Disqualification or consultation. If you get black flagged for rough driving you are done for the race.  If you get black flagged for debris hanging off the car, fluids, smoke, broken suspension, or flat tires, you can re-join the field once the problem has been cured.  You will be black flagged for intentional yellows and not be allowed back out for the remainder of the race.  The white flag lap is the only time you will allowed  to run with broken suspension, smoking car, or a car deemed unsafe.  If you have control of your car, you will be allowed to run with a flat left front tire.

Time Limits: One minute per lap on all events.  If the time limit has expired and we have not reached the halfway point the yellow flag laps begin to count.  Once the race resumes we race until the next yellow or the checkered.

Restarts: All heat race starts will be single file.  All feature events will be double file with the leader out front and the second place choosing the top or bottom, make it obvious when you choose.

Season Championship: The top twelve will be locked into their respective starting positions based on year to date points, high points on the front row.  The rest of the cars signing in will draw for starting positions for their heat races and that will determine the starting lineup for the remainder of the field.

Victory Lane: Pictures and interviews will be done with the driver at the completion of their respective feature event.  Winners are invited back at the end of the night for more pictures with their family and crew.

Parking:  Spots can be reserved for $25 for the season.  This will not include special events. The concrete spots are $125 and do include special events.

Sportsmanship is a key item at the Marshalltown Speedway.  We will not tolerate fighting or abusive behavior.  If you have a problem, see an official and the problem will be taken care of, do not take things into your own hands.

We would like to thank you once again for choosing to race at the Marshalltown Speedway and wish you the best of luck and a pleasant experience.  It is our goal to provide a fun environment and put on a great show for the fans and make each night a special event. Best of luck and we look forward to seeing you again real soon.

Toby and the entire staff of the Marshalltown Speedway