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Steven Bowers Jr

Hell yeah what a great way to celebrate my 29th birthday on march 24th

Have to go to this one.

Bubba Miller

Shawn Vilwock

Jason Hickingbottom

Robert Richardson

Joshua Eckhoff

Have 2 world nationals a year now???

Dan Wayman

We need to try and go

I will be here next year with my cousin Donna Eddy

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3 weeks ago

Marshalltown Speedway

The 2018 World Nationals is set for March 22nd-24th! This event will be available LIVE once again on ... See MoreSee Less


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My birthday weekend

Justin Wacha Derrick Thran we better get cars done

Chubbs Performance Jeff Johnson

Should be nice and warm ūü§•

3 weeks ago

Marshalltown Speedway

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3 weeks ago

Marshalltown Speedway

$10,000 to win IMCA Modifieds!

2018 World NationalsMar 22, 6:00pmMarshalltown Speedway$10,000 to win IMCA Modifieds!
... See MoreSee Less

2018 World Nationals


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Mary Pritchett Johnson tell mike I'm going to this with him.

So is it gonna be a 1 night event? When usually its 3 nights

Its my birthday hell yeah

Brian Rosno Steve Hull Presten Crash Schmidt Mitchell Kallhoff Holly Marie Hull Sami Lincoln Maggie Schmidt Natalie Schmidt Brooke Leigh Harding

Andrew Borchardt we racing next year?

Hey Troy Hovey if we go to these kinda races were probably gonna need a toter right Dallas Brusse Scott Wiedow

Hush it lol

Have to think about it

Steven Brooks

Brandon Schmitt Nolan Weinberger Geoff Jeche Chris Flick

Andrew Sneller

Russ Gladson

Troy Marker

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4 weeks ago

Marshalltown Speedway

If you need a racing fix tonight, Beatrice Speedway's Septemberfest will be streaming live on!RACEDAY! Watch Septemberfest at Beatrice Speedway tonight and tomorrow night LIVE on! ... See MoreSee Less

If you need a racing fix tonight, Beatrice Speedways Septemberfest will be streaming live on!
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